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John Green

Colored Sprite Mod Undertalel [HOT]

This mod adds massive amounts of color and detail to the battle/dialogue sprites in the game! It will take some time, and several updates, to get a full release but we do hope that this project will fill you with the DETERMINATION to see it through alongside us!

Colored Sprite Mod Undertalel

Download Zip:

That question has plagued me for years. As badly as I want it as BADLY as I need it, I can't find a way. But that's no reason to lose hope! Somehow the creator of the "Fix Frisk" mod was able to edit the newest version of Undertale's sprites. I tried to contact them on how this was possible! But they have not messaged me back yet, to be fair they have not been visited the site since June first.

Heya, just wondering, have you heard back from them or figured it out? I've been trying to replace the Frisk Sprites for Undertale, and TranslaTale doesn't work with the newest versions of Undertale so accessing the new sprites, not to mention creating and inserting a new, is, well, oof.

Yes, that's how I make updates. You will need some external programs to extract the sprite sheets and those are not provided with the mod. The best thing I can tell you is just Google how to edit Undertale's sprites and then you can extract these sprites from your modded file edit them and then reimport them to the file. One more thing, if you're doing this just to your copy that's fine. But If you're doing to make your own mod and you will be using our sprites I only ask that you created us for our work.

I mean, sure I can make you a custom version of the mod with your sprite sheets. But I find it highly unlikely I would use your sprites in this mod as an update. I see this more as a personal love fueled project. Just message me your sprite sheets and I'll see what I can do!

Thanks! We're working super hard on it! As an answer to your question not just yet, there are a few more sprites that need to be colored like Lesser Dog, Papyrus's attacks, and most of the monsters in the Hotland and the CORE. But a large chunk of the Pacifist Route is complete. As for the Genocide Route we've hardly touched it, so none of its bosses are in color yet.

There's no real flow to when I release an update. I just work on this mod in my spare time, this is just a hobby, so I can't give you a date when the next one will be out. Because I don't know myself! Asriel Dreemurr has not been colored yet, and we will be coloring in the Amalgamations first and then Asriel.

is sans done? I love the music and the sprites but sans i really want him finshed but I know you are working hard and I don't want to put so much pressure on your shoulders if not then tell me how to color the sprites please. Love the mod

This is for the latest version of Undertale, v1.08. But right now there are a bunch of sprites errors so if this is going to be your first time using this mod. I suggest waiting for the next update then we'll have everything fixed. ;D

I'm glad you asked! There are some key differences between these two mods. While the Colored Sprites Mod is 100% completed it's only compatible with v1.001 and it does not add borders or the Mad Mew Mew boss fight. As for the Remastered Mod, the main reason it's NOT 100% complete is that its sprites are far more detailed so it takes more time to color them. But I would say that the mod is about 80% finished. Also, the Remastered Mod adds borders and the Mad Mew Mew boss fight! But if you asking me which one you should install. I'd have to say that's your choice. But if you choose to download the Remastered Mod then you should wait for the next update. (v0.6.1) I found a bunch of small mistakes and I'm going to fix them in the next update. It won't be just a few more days before I publish it!

It looks like we're have some minor issues with the program that we use to create patches that we update the mod with. So it's going to take longer then we would like to release this next update. But that just means we'll have more time to add more colored sprites to add to this next update!


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