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If Microsoft Defender Antivirus is configured to detect and remediate threats on your device, Microsoft Defender Antivirus quarantines suspicious files. If you are certain a quarantined file is not a threat, you can restore it. file

Activation9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual1. Disconnect from the Internet.9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual2. Install the software. During the installation when the program will ask to specify a licence file, select file licence.lic9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manualNote: on the sentence to install USB- and COM-keys drivers it is necessary to refuse (disable both flags).9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual3. Install update (..UpdateHFSS1302WinPatch.exe).9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual4. Copy files Ansoftfix.exe and Patch.exe into a folder with the installed program (by default C:Program FilesAnsoftHFSS13.0 ), then run them (Ansoftfix.exe first).9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manualNote: at the first start of the program there may be an inquiry of the network firewall (if that is installed in system). It is necessary to allow network activity to all HFSS components.9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual5. In menu Tools -> Options -> General Options... on a tab "WebUpdate Options" expose parameter "Automatically check for updates every:" in "Never"9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manualIn addition you can delete a file WebUpdate.exe in a folder with the installed program (by default C:Program FilesAnsoftHFSS13.0WebUpdate.exe)9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual6. Further working with the connected Internet should not cause difficulties.9PxEngineering Software Tutorial,training,download,manual


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