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Multiclicker2 2.3.0 Plugins: The Ultimate Guide to Automate Your PTC Earnings

To get my working multiclicker, you will need the serial key from it and this is how you will get it, you can purchase one from many other websites for $4.99 which is not enough, you will need to download the files from this multibox: Multibox you can ignore the materials that are not directly related to this post, if you just want to get multiclicker2 go to this Multibox link and click the download button, when the download completed the download page should look like this:

multiclicker2 2.3.0 plugins

To start using multiclicker2 you need to download the plugin and install, plugin installation is simple just enter this into your web browser (the installation link has a snapshot of the plugin for you to download): Multiclicker Plugin Editor

Once the download has completed open Multiclicker plugin editor and paste the code in there, when you exit from the editor it will create an auto install script for your plugin, make sure to open a new browser window to run it otherwise it will not install if done from one single window. This is the plugin installer script which will install your plugin on your system. Hit Install button and your plugin will be activated, I suggest you do not install it on your active website and instead install it on some other site and you will activate multiclicker2 on that site and leave the active site open so you can check all of your earnings every time you log on to the site. Do not worry multiclicker2 will not collect your private information, you can delete this script if you want to.

Once install script has finished you can now log into your account from where the script was downloaded and go to ads section, it will upload your plugins to the proper place, in case you are having troubles then download the plugins for that specific version here:


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