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We know our Third Eye Headlamp delivers and we believe it's the only headlamp you'll ever need. If there is ever a malfunction with your Third Eye Headlamp or you are not satisfied we will replace it or refund your purchase, no questions asked.

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The Betty headlamp with 5400 lumens, Bluetooth remote control and app control.The lamp head comes with the Lupine FrontClick system and can be easily converted to a helmet or other headband. The aluminium housing has improved heat management for maximum efficiency. The Betty offers eleven different light levels (0.3W/30 lumens - 45W/5400 lumens), Flash, SOS, and centre LED. Cable length at lamphead 25cm.The cable runs via a cable guide at the back of the head into the backpack, where the battery is stowed.Because of their size and weight, the 6.9 Ah and 13.8 Ah batteries are not attached to the headband.The lightset includes a remote control and the optional use of the Lupine Light Control App.Like all Lupine lamps, the Betty is both waterproof and shockproof according to IP68 and IK09.

Hikers do not need to buy the most expensive models. At the upper end, headlamps are designed with rock climbers and cavers in mind. For hikers, even a cheap headlamp is infinitely better than a phone flashlight.

With a Hokolite headlamp, you'll never be stood in the dark, whether you're heading into the backcountry or simply taking your dog for a nighttime/ early morning walk. Water-resistant, easy to use, with long-lasting battery life and a brilliant beam, Hokolite headlamps will keep your paths bright for a long time. Hokolite lights make you feel like a superhuman with extraordinary vision. These lights have tremendous functions, several lighting modes, and a myriad of stunning styles. They just weigh a few ounces and make you hands-free so you can read a map, set up a tent, or change a tire in the dark.

Micro USB charging is available for Hokolite running headlamps. Don't bother rummaging through the rubbish drawer or grabbing the remote's batteries. Hokolite running headlamps are water and impact-resistant, weigh only 5.9 ounces, and deliver a powerful punch. It would be ideal for running on smooth surfaces such as roads or gravel/paved walks. Hokolite Running Headlamps have a beam throw of up to 1000 lumens and can be rotated 90 degrees to meet your demands. Without the attachment, it can be used as an EDC flashlight. These lights have a soft elastic strap that ensures comfort for long periods.

If all you want is brightness, then Hokolite headlamp flashlights have got you covered. The maximum output of 1000 lumens provides a 230 wide-area illumination with red light strobe for warning. Don't worry; the Hokolite headlamp flashlight hasn't moved all-in on the brightness at the expense of performance. You'll get 2-4 hours of 1000-lumen lights on the COB high-level bright light, which is good for light. Other design touches include an adjustable loop buckle, a 4pcs hard hat hook, and a durable elastic headband. When required, the red taillights can be turned on or off separately to protect your safety. Hokolite headlamp flashlights are ideal for running, cycling, and camping activities.

Lupine offers the brightest, longest-lasting LED bike & helmet lights, flashlights and headlamps in the world. German quality paired with cutting-edge innovation, make Lupine an industry leader in lighting nighttime sports, photography & adventure. Learn More

Here's our round-up of all the best headlamps as we shine a light on the very best models you can get on the market this year. We've included the best headlamp for different purposes, so no matter what you're intending to use yours for, or your budget, there's something for everyone.

The best headlamps on the market are vital tools for anyone who wants to dabble in astrophotography or stargazing. Those activities can require multitasking and fiddling around with various parts in the dark and a headlamp will give you visibility and keep your hands free. If you are on this page because of your interests in night sky viewing, then you should also check out our guides for the best telescopes, best binoculars and best cameras for astrophotography.

For a very easy-on-the-wallet headlamp, this is a versatile and good-quality headlamp, what's more, it comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. It is a two-pack and comes with a set of batteries which makes it even better value. The Vont Spark has seven different lighting settings, activated by cycling through them. The red light is activated by holding the button down for three seconds, and again, cycling between low, strobe or SOS mode. Once the selection has been made and left on for an extended period, the headlamp will allow the user to turn it off with one touch, meaning you don't have to cycle through all of the modes just to turn it off.

This is a dedicated night-vision preservation headlamp for activities and so is ideal for helping you navigate your astrophotography kit and finding your way to the perfect astronomy spot. As the light is almost invisible to wildlife it is perfect for watching or handling (e.g for research purposes) nocturnal animals. It also acts as an ideal reading headlamp. It can be used handheld or worn on the included headband.

This is a brilliant headlamp for those who want to see their local surroundings in the dark as there isn't a white light option, only red. By that, we mean the bulb is a true red light and not a white light with a red or pink cover. This means your night vision isn't ruined and although the light shines at full brightness by default, the low output is 100 lumens which isn't too bright.

In the world of headlamps, Petzl is a known and trusted brand for quality and reliability, and you get exactly that with this headlamp. The manufacturer has been evolving their headlamps for over 40 years and you get a five-year lamp and a two-year (or 300 charging cycle) battery guarantee.

The headlamp has a rechargeable battery but can also take three regular AAA batteries. That is a handy feature, especially if you've forgotten to recharge before use. We like that we can plug the charger straight into the battery, without having to remove it from the case/strap. Less likelihood of losing something. The only downside is, you can't use the torch while charging, but that's a little detail and we are being super picky.

The Storm 400 from Black Diamond is a versatile headlamp that uses PowerTap technology to allow the user to switch between max brightness and the dimmed setting with one movement. This sounds like it would be detrimental as you don't want to tap it and dazzle everyone around you accidentally, but in reality, the PowerTap feature requires around a second's worth of contact between your finger and the surface, so it shouldn't cause you any trouble. It also has a memory feature, so it will turn back on at the brightness level you left it.

This headlamp is so tiny you'll soon forget you have it on. It fits flat to the forehead and is a 'no bounce' design, which is predominately handy for runners but also means it won't be in the way of you peering into a scope or viewfinder.

The reflective strip on the headband will make you more visible to others and will also make it easier to find in the dark. The front bezel of the headlamp articulates to adjust the light to your desired angle.

It is rechargeable via Micro-USB, which we love, and also has a battery indicator to show how much power remains, so you don't get caught out and find yourself left in the dark. You can charge it while using it, which is a bonus, especially if you're retiring back to your dark tent, as you can continue using it while you charge it with a power bank. The lock button is a great feature of this headlamp too; you can use it to stop the headlamp from being accidentally turned on while in the battery, thus preserving battery life.

Knog is known for its best-in-class bike lights, but this is coined as the world's most powerful silicone headlamp. Like the Black Diamond Storm 400, the Knog Bilby 400 has an IP67 rating, so it is dustproof and waterproof up to one meter. When we reviewed the Knog Bilby headlamp, it had no problems being submerged in a sink full of water with the tap running at full pressure. On full power, the headlamp runs for an impressive 5 hours and this extends to 105 hours on the lowest power setting.

It is the only silicone headlamp on this list and is made from medical-grade silicone to provide comfort and won't absorb sweat or odors. You can adjust it from 11.8 to 26 inches. To recharge the lamp, remove it from the headband to expose the male USB and plug it into a plug or battery pack. It charges from flat in four hours.

The headlamp features two elliptical beams for mid and wide-beam coverage and a red light for astro or reading downlights to preserve your night vision. Within each mode there are four brightness settings, on the brightest, the range is a whopping 100 meters.

Each headlamp is carefully tested by either our expert staff or knowledgeable freelance contributors who know their subject areas in depth. This ensures fair reviewing is backed by personal, hands-on experience with each headlamp and is judged based on its price point, class and destined use.

We look at how easy the headlamps are to set up, whether they're water or dust proof and we make suggestions if a particular headlamp would benefit from any additional kit to give you the best experience possible.

With complete editorial independence, we at are here to ensure you get the best buying advice on headlamps, whether you should purchase a device or not, making our buying guides and reviews reliable and transparent.

There is variation when it comes to the best headlamps - they aren't all the same. Some feature long-reaching, super bright beams, some feature extra straps for support and some feature a red light as well as a white one, which helps with your night vision. 041b061a72


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