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Along a twisting course of 340 miles, the James River runs from the mountains to the sea. Its lower length from the Atlantic westward was the first water highway in America. A canal was built alongside to transport cargoes around shallows and rapids. From 1840 to 1880 packet boats, horse and mule drawn on towpaths, transported goods and passengers on a three-day voyage to and from Richmond and Lynchburg. Traffic was heavy. Passengers dined and slept on board. Men sipped juleps and smoked on deck while their wives played cards. It was a prosperous era for farmers and mill owners like the Burwells, Marshalls, and other first families, an era that dwindled away when railroads made canal traffic obsolete.

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Nor would Robert Burwell stay at home. He went up to Washington and was accepted by the new Office of Strategic Services which welcomed his intimate knowledge of France, his linguistic skill, his mature strength and intelligence, and his daring record in World War I.

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