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Tenchu Return From Darkness [Xbox Classic] Fixed

The game's plot plays differently depending on the character chosen, but connects at certain points. The story revolves mainly around Rikimaru's return and the struggle for the Three Jewels, which are said to give power to those who possess them. These are the Jewels of Heaven, Earth, and Virtue. Tenrai, an evil wizard who wants to get his hands on them, commands a band of his men to take the Jewels from whoever possesses them. However, upon encountering Rikimaru, he seems interested in his power and attempts convincing him to join his men. Rikimaru refuses, and he and Ayame face each one of them. One of the men in Tenrai's arsenal is Onikage, who only serves him to pursue his plan of reviving Mei-Oh (his former master) and Tatsumaru (the former leader of the Azuma Ninja Clan whom Tenrai revived). Rikimaru and Ayame follow Tenrai into his fortress to stop him from destroying the world using the power gained from two of the Jewels. If he can be defeated, peace will be returned to Gohda's land.

Tenchu Return From Darkness [Xbox Classic]

As in previous Tenchu games, the main characters in this one are a young male and female pair of ninjas from the Azuma clan, the strong and disciplined Rikimaru, and the lithe and lightning-fast Ayame. A number of other old characters make returning appearances, and while the plot doesn't necessarily expect you to be familiar with them, it won't make a whole lot of sense either way. Actually, this Xbox version of the game attempts to elaborate on the story a bit more with some additional cutscenes, but the additions don't succeed in making the plot any more coherent. The connection from one mission to the next is vague, and the story introduces a lot of details that aren't really fleshed-out. Suffice it to say that both Ayame and Rikimaru are on the trail of a couple of bad guys, and what other excuse do you really need to step into their shoes to try to silently slay everything from lecherous samurai, to renegade ninjas, to potbellied demons, to festering zombies, to weird automatons, to evil monks? This isn't lighthearted stuff, since both Rikimaru and Ayame are equipped with a good variety of moves designed to deal swift, painful death to their enemies. Like in previous Tenchu games, Rikimaru and Ayame can kill any foe with a single attack if either can sneak up on that foe. If detected, though, each can still hold his or her own in a head-on fight.

Disappointingly, your enemies aren't smart--even when they're not engaged in combat--so they will conduct simple, extremely predictable patrols until they notice you or get killed by you. If it's the former, they'll give chase, sometimes dropping into bottomless pits in the process. And if you manage to get out of their lines of sight, which usually isn't hard, they'll conduct halfhearted searches for a few seconds before foolishly returning to their patrols, thus setting themselves up for stealth kills again. The artificial intelligence has been tweaked a bit for this version, so enemies who notice you will pretty much always whistle for reinforcements. However, these reinforcements tend to never arrive, so this adjustment doesn't benefit the game. There's really never a tangible fear of alarms going off or having reinforcements pour in or anything like that, and surprisingly, the gameplay doesn't involve hiding in shadows. As a result, you only hide around corners, behind obstacles, and on higher ground, like rooftops. And even though this version of the game adds the ability for you to drag bodies around, you also needn't worry about disposing of the corpses of your foes. So for better or worse, Tenchu: Return From Darkness is actually one of the most forgiving stealth games to date, notwithstanding those pesky pitfalls. Actually, another new feature in the Xbox version of the game is that on the easy difficulty setting, you don't have to start over from the beginning of a mission if you die.

Enhanced Xbox port of the stealth action hit for PS2. The violent rebellion and civil strife that have torn through the heart of 16th century Japan appear to be drawing to a close. But the mysterious Tenrai has begun a quest to conquer the country by amassing an army of ninjas and lords of darkness. Your master, Lord Gohda, has called upon you, a cunning stealth assassin, to stop Tenrai and his disciples before all is lost. Explore 11 incredibly detailed levels, including two new single-player maps and experience online stealth ninja action via Xbox Live, playing with a friend in two-player co-op mode featuring all-new stealth kills or choose from 20 playable characters and go head to head in deathmatch mode. 041b061a72


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