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Plato Grishin
Plato Grishin

Arabic Strings Kontakt Torrent

info: The Product on Website V2.0 - V5.0 The product on KVR V2.0 - V5.0 -arabic-strings-by-aviram-dayan-production

Arabic Strings Kontakt Torrent

Manual: Manual in Website - product page (direct link): Manual in KVR - official developer forum (synced) =281&t=478885

Videos: Official Overview V1.5 See video at top of page AudioPlugin.Deals Review V2.0 =4hVclK3E3Mk&list=PLzeFriCgh_iyv9FfykJdZu10oDJP_o2-l&index=7 Sample Library Review V1.5 =z0u8nfhszpc&list=PLzeFriCgh_iyv9FfykJdZu10oDJP_o2-l&index=8 Ask.Audio Review V1.5 -aviram-arabic-strings-v15

Audio: Audio Playlist - V1.5 -dayan-production/sets/aviram-dayan-production-aviram-arabic-strings-v15 Audio Playlist - V1.0 -dayan-production/sets/aviram-dayan-production-aviram-arabic-strings

Petra Strings Legato is different from other conventional orchestral string library for it allows for slightly delaying the attack for the different sections, randomly or manually from 1 to 3.5ms, a feature that helps humanizing the instruments and give them their true arabic character, specially when played live. Findasound also maintain the slight detune between the section, another particularity with arabic strings. 350c69d7ab


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